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  • 1995How it started

    After finishing their engineering studies, Jean Auquier and Frederic Costenoble both start their professional career at the Bank Brussel Lambert (BBL) . They are part of the same team, later joined by Olivier Vanekem and Thierry Parquet.

  • 1999Foundation

    Jean Auquier and Frederic Costenoble decide to start their own IT consultancy company Knoware Consulting sprl/bvba. 5 employees join the company in the early years, all working as consultants for companies like Fortis Bank and Pfizer.
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  • 2010The first offices

    The space above Jean’s garage is used as office space. A small office is opened a year later in Bruges.
  • 2012New shareholders

    Olivier Vanekem and Thierry Parquet join as shareholders and take up an active role in the company. At that moment Knoware acquires the full editor and distributor rights for CytoWeb from Pfizer.
  • 2016ComeoCare

    Time for changes: the company changes from sprl/bvba to sa/nv, and CytoWeb is rebranded as ComeoCare

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  • 2017ComeoBox

    Knoware decides to target the hardware integration, and launches Peripheralskit, which is later rebranded to ComeoBox.

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  • 2020New offices

    To support company growth, two new office locations are set up, one in Bruges and one in Nivelles .
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  • 2020Quality Management Certificate

    BSI awards Knoware with the ISO 13485 certification

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  • 2021Switzerland

    Knoware is going places and signs the first contract with a hospital outside Belgium. The first Swiss hospital is soon followed by another Swiss hospital.
  • 2023New markets

    Knoware signs a distribution deal to distribute ComeoCare in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.
  • 2024Strategic split

    As the internalization of ComeoCare continues, the Healthcare Product activities are moved to a separate company Comeo sa/nv, while Knoware focuses on all other services. Knoware continues to provide all analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance activities for Comeo.

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News and Stories

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  • January 24, 2024

    Successful Presence at BOPP Conference in Blankenberge

    We are thrilled to share the success of our recent participation in the BOPP Conference in Blankenberge. BOPP, which stands for Belgian Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners, provided us with a valuable platform to showcase our cutting-edge software, ComeoCare.

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  • January 24, 2024

    Welcome UZA!

    We are thrilled to announce that Knoware has successfully won the tender for chemo software at Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen (UZA). This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare solutions.

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  • January 10, 2024

    Strategic Split

    Knoware announces a strategic split into two entities. Comeo, focusing on medical device software, will lead initiatives like ComeoCare for complex treatment management, while Knoware continues its consultancy services and custom solutions for diverse industries.

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