ComeoCare is a smart platform for complex medicinal treatment management that connects multiple departments and all involved medical staff.

ComeoCare offers a fully integrable, CE-marked platform for complex medicinal treatment management that improves the safety and effectiveness of care, reduces the room for errors and support hospitals in achieving regulatory compliance.

Share crucial data

Integrate and consume all types of data, such as patient files, lab info, electronic prescriptions, pharmacy data...

Increase insight, reduce errors

Offer more transparency to all parties involved, introduce best practices and reduce the margin for errors.

Integrate & expand

Integrate hardware components in full process: handheld devices for scanning, foot pedals, scales and cameras to improve the compounding process

Implement protocol management

Manage your standard protocols or regimens in ComeoCare. When prescribing, customize these standard regimens to suite patient needs.

Connect departments & hospitals

Connect hospitals, labs, the hospital pharmacy and the oncology department in one environment.

Closed Loop Integration

Automate the whole medication cycle of prescribing, processing, compounding, dispensing and administering

reduce waste, save cost

Use ComeoCare's built-in Drug Vial Optimization to reduce medicine waste and save cost

AChieve regulatory compliance

Provide full real-time traceability and track all changes and actions. Adhere to compounding standards, such as GMP and PIC/S

ComeoCare makes complex treatments more efficient, and less expensive

ComeoCare helps hospitals save valuable resources that can be used to improve patient care.

  • Less errors in medicine preparation means less waste
  • Automated processes save time & money
  • Avoid paying for wrongly administered medicine
  • Improved treatment safety eases funds & accreditation

Meet the future of complex treatment management

The comeo suite offers an eco-system that connects systems, people and processes.

So why ComeoCare?

Streamline, innovate and improve complex treatment management

Want to improve medicinal treatment safety and optimize your processes?

Would you like to get started with ComeoCare?

  • Thanks to its alert management, ComeoCare contributes to the patient's safety. It also makes me save a lot of time during the labeling and invoicing processes.
  • ComeoCare speeds up and increases the security of chemotherapy prescriptions by ensuring the traceability of our oncological treatments and keeping track of their complete history.
  • We used to work with the other software for prescribing chemotherapy. The decision was taken to leave this package and switch to ComeoCare. The transition between the two packages went very smoothly, Knoware paid close attention to our questions and specific needs, and all necessary efforts were made to make the old application information available in ComeoCare. This reduced our workload to a mere review, rather than having to recreate existing protocols and products. After the conversion, Knoware was very open to our remarks they actively contribute to a further optimization of the package and the required interfaces. This leads to regular releases of new versions with new possibilities, most often based on questions from customers.